The Science Of Precision Coatings



Many of the parts we receive for Armoloy are made of stainless steel and require passivation. We can save you time and money with our passivation service!


Vapor Honing/Vapor Blasting

Our method of preparing a surface prior to the application of Armoloy, Gullon or Electroless Nickel Plating is a process known as ‘Vapor Honing’. Similar to a glass bead blasting, Vapor Honing or Vapor Blasting is a mechanical surface preparation process that uses a fine abrasive in a slurry solution to clean the surface of a part intended for plating. This process is also used as a stand- alone finish in many electronic and military applications.

Our Vapor Hones are ‘charged’ with 7 micron average diameter particle size abrasive that clean surfaces at 100psi. The result of our efforts in this time consuming methodology are:

  • Extremely Clean Surface to bond Metal Finishing Product on to
  • Crystaline Matrix Surface to aid in Mechanical Bond Strength
  • Minor ‘Stock’ Removal from Base Material
  • Stress Relieving of Base Material
  • ‘Matte’ Finish imparted on Base Material

Though Vapor Honing/Vapor Blasting is a time consuming process, it affords a spectacular surface to bond to and far out performs conventional ‘chemical’ surface preparations and is just one of many ‘extras’ Gull Industries offers.



If your parts require pre- or post baking our oven can handle up to 400° F.



Our standard turnaround time is 6 -10  business days. However, if you do require a faster turnaround time then we do offer expediting options. Expediting is based on availability.


Plastic Injection Molding

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Machined Components

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Automation + Linear Motion

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Pumps And Compressors

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Food Processing And Packaging

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Oil And Gas Extraction

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