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Heritage and Culture

As a leader for top quality metal finishing since 1968, Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas are the premier metal coating service provider throughout the central, southern region of North America. Gull Industries prides itself as being a customer and market focused leader relative to customer services, product quality, and environmental leadership.

From a modest 2,000 sq. ft. facility with only one product, and the guidance of our then company President, James E. (Jim) Mowry, the company has grown and now occupies a modern plant of 28,000 sq. ft. with a broad range of complementing metal finishing products and services.

Our products now include Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome or TDC, Bi-Protect a duplexed Electroless Nickel/TDC, Gullon a duplexed TDC/Teflon, Electroless Nickel, and our services include Vapor Honing, Glass Bead Blasting and Passivation. Each of our products are designed for specific services but can be applied to a variety of industry applications and are easily tailored to specific applications.

As you look closely at our team, it should become apparent that we strive to be the best as we seek to fulfill our goal of “Perfection in Metal Finishing”. As witnessed by upgrades in our Armoloy TDC that now measures 78+ Rc, we are constantly searching for products to make us better Metal Finishers and you, more satisfied customers. “Perfection in Metal Finishing” means more to us than simply providing good product; we provide the very best Thin Dense Chrome products available in the world and strive to have our customer service, delivery and pricing meet or exceed those same standards.


Environmental Stewardship

TCEQ C2 Program

In recent years, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in concert with corporations like Gull Industries/ Armoloy of Texas, developed a program called ‘Compliance Commitment Partnership’ or C2. C2 is a one year voluntary program in which coating companies invite TCEQ contractors in to audit their entire environmental system. After an extensive evaluation, environmental recommendations can be made to the business and if complied with and verified, that business receives a Compliance Commitment Partnership Certificate.

Gull Industries / Armoloy of Texas, who was the pilot shop for the program in its infancy, is one of only five companies out of 1,400 that has earned this honorable certification and has received its fourth consecutive C2 award during 2005. In force for one calendar year, a C2 Certificate allows the receiver to be exempt from all routine EPA and TCEQ inspections as well as all TCEQ generated County and City inspections for that year and is renewable at the term of the Certificate with re-inspection. Not only does this insure our customers that we have a true commitment to environmental excellence, it causes us to concentrate on excellence in quality and delivery rather than environmental issues.

“Only through daily vigilance and a commitment to environmental stewardship can a coating business maintain C2 and at our facility, it’s a way of life. I am proud to announce that C2 remains in force at our facility!”

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J. Kelly Mowry
Gull Industries, Inc. / Armoloy of Texas, Inc.
August 17, 2005


Industry Leadership

J. Kelly Mowry, President of Gull Industries / Armoloy of Texas, started in the Metal Finishing Industry as a metal coating business owner’s son who got to do all the ugly jobs that no one else wanted. Since 1968, J. Kelly has worked in maintenance, sales, production, QC and the environmental departments until 1988 when he became President of Gull Industries. Currently Armoloy of Texas and Gull Industries provides metallic and non-metallic metal coating products to the world from the two Houston locations.

As a member of the ‘Most Heavily Regulated Small Business in the United States’, Kelly realized (and very much still sees) the need for involvement in Trade Associations and close interaction with local, state, and national government agencies. He views the industry Trade Associations as the message bearers to government and trade industry members. J. Kelly has been on the Texas trade association board, known as Texas Association of Metal Finishers (TAMF), since 1980, is a Past-President of that group and has served the organization on the National Board (NAMF) for the last 15 years. He currently remains as a Director and Past-President of the National Association of Metal Finishers and represents almost 850 member companies, over 40,000 employees and billions of dollars in annual sales. J. Kelly also sits on the multi-industry Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and served as Vice President of our oversight Association, the SFIC.

J. Kelly Mowry’s association with the TNRCC and the EPA over the last several years has been rewarding for the entire metal coating industry and in a microcosm, shows what good can be accomplished when industry and government work together.

J. Kelly’s biography includes:

Gull Industries. Inc.
3233 Gano Street
Houston, TX 77009

Armoloy of Texas, Inc.
3233 Gano Street
Houston, TX 77009

Graham Corner Development
College Station, TX

Brazos Valley Bank
College Station, TX

1990-Present National Representative, Texas Assn. of Metal Finishers (TAMF)
1995-Present Government Advisory Council Appointee (GAC)
2002-2003 Past President, National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF)
2002-2003 Vice President, Surface Finishing Industry Council (SFIC)
2001-2002 President, National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF)
2001-2003 Treasurer, Surface Finishing Industry Council (SFIC)
2000-2002 Treasurer, Surface Finishers Industry Council (SFIC)
2000-Present Co-Chair, TCEQ Small Business Advisory Committee

President, TAMF / NAMF Executive Committee Member/ Past NAMF Treasurer and Vice Pres.

Texas A&M University (Engineering)
City of Houston, Special Weapons and Tactical Academy (Law Enforcement)
Harris County Sheriff’s Department Academy (Law Enforcement)

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