The Science Of Precision Coatings


Key Benefits:

  • Fully compliant to AMS 2438
  • Thin even deposit, does not require secondary machining
  • Thin deposit does not affect part tolerances, can be applied as low as .00005”
  • Increased wear resistance, high hardness
  • Cold process for no part distortion
  • Enhance corrosion resistance (atmospheric corrosion?), corrosion resistance equal to 400 SS
  • Extensive onsite testing and quality control
  • Absolute bond to base metal
  • Performs in vacuum environment

Armoloy TDC® is an optimal metal surface coating for aerospace components that require improved wear and corrosion resistance, vast functional temperature range, and consistent, even deposits.  With deposits that can range from .00005” to .0006”, and tolerances of +/-.000025”, the thin, precise, hard coating ensures component tolerances and functionality remain true to design. Considered a cold process (<170°F), the Armoloy system prevents distortion, annealing, and dimensional changes from occurring in the base metal.

The Armoloy TDC® coating is fully certifiable to AMS 2438 and nearly all customer specified coating standards. Armoloy of Texas operates processing tanks dedicated to AMS 2438 requirements and is capable of coating items to this standard up to 12 feet in length.  Applicable to nearly all ferrous and non-ferrous base metals, Armoloy TDC® is not desirable for Aluminum and Titanium base metal applications.

Armoloy of Texas has years of experience meeting the demands of the industries most recognizable names. We work closely with each of our customers to establish requirements and tailor a solution that best meets those needs. Extensive inspection and testing is conducted that includes but is not limited to 100% visual and deposit thickness, wear resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, adhesion, hydrogen embrittlement, and surface characteristics. Experienced staff will support all quality control and quality assurance initiatives including FAI, manufacturing and quality plans, controls plans, FMEA’s, gage R&R’s and more for your project.

Common applications in the Aerospace industry include:

  • Valves
  • Bearings
  • Landing Gear
  • Rods/Shafts
  • Pistons
  • Transmission Components (gears, pinions, splines)
  • Safety Devices (latches, pivot pins)
  • Auxiliary systems



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