The Science Of Precision Coatings

Pumps & Compressors


  • Improved hardness and wear resistance
  • Improved flow rates due to low coefficient of friction, 10% improvement observed
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance, Bi-Pro for severe corrosion environments
  • Thin, precise deposits do not affect part tolerances, weight, or balance
  • Anti-galling
  • USDA approved and FDA compliant for use with food applications
  • Extended product life with less downtime for maintenance and repair
  • Able to strip and re-plate indefinitely

For protection against the most common forms of wear including corrosive, abrasive, and erosive wear, consider coating your critical pump, valve and compressor surfaces with a protective Armoloy coating. Pump and compressor components experience extended wear life when coated with the Armoloy family of coatings. Whether cast iron or stainless steel, clearances are maintained, and repairs can be made to a coated component without compromising the coating’s adhesion to the base metal.

Due to the high lubricity of the Armoloy TDC®Nickel Boron Nitride (BoronG) and Polymer coatings, friction is greatly reduced for improved media flow. In a recent application, material flow was improved by nearly 10% after the Armoloy TDC® coating was applied to pump rotors, housing, and end caps.

In applications involving severe corrosion, Bi-Protec® is an unparalleled engineering solution. A dual-layer process, Bi-Protec® employs an under-layer of electroless nickel up to .003″ thick, followed by a standard application of .0002″ of Armoloy TDC®.

Armoloy TDC® is approved for food contact applications by the USDA, and considered safe for food contact by the FDA. The coatings are able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1200˚ F.

The Armoloy coatings provide longer, uninterrupted life to pump and compressor components, whether the material being conveyed is wet or dry, abrasive or corrosive.


Common applications include:

  • Housings
  • Rotors
  • End Plates
  • Ports
  • Bushings
  • Sleeves/Liners
  • Gears
  • Splines
  • Impellers
  • Elbows
  • Seals



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