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Document Number Document Title
F Customer Satisfaction Surveys
F Customer Complaint Form
F Certificate of Quality and Conformance
P7.5.3B Identification and Traceability Procedure
P7.5.4B Customer Property Procedure
P7.5.5A Preservation of Product Procedure
F8.2.4.4 Certificates of Quality and Compliance


Documents referenced in this procedure are applicable to the extent specified herein.


1. Purpose

The purpose of this specification is to describe the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information, specification, and condition of parts prior to shipment to Gull Industries, Inc. or Armoloy of Texas, Inc. and the process applicable to the quotation, inquiries, tenders, and delivery of product and documentations.

2. Scope

This procedure covers all functions of the organization from the input materials to dis-charges in the environment and both the plants of Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas.

3. Definitions and Acronyms

4. Flowchart

Not applicable

5. Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Managers shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining this procedure on a continuous basis. Individual managers will be responsible for ensuring that planned arrangements are being realized per the quality planning in his respective area.

5.1 Outside Salesperson or Estimating and Insides Sales Manager: Notification to customer of required Metal Preparation, Part Submission, Range of Metals, Quotation, PO Conformance with Quotation, Review of Production Instructions and maintaining records of customer instructions.

5.2 Production Manager: Compliance with this procedure regarding incoming part inspection, records of production and Shipping.

5.3 Plant Manager: Review and compliance of Customer instructions and reali-zation of customer instruction in production. Inspection of parts prior to production to production specification and communication to customer through Sales and Estimating.

6. Procedures

6.1. Metal Preparation: Parts should be surface-finished prior to Armoloy or Thin Dense Chrome processing. Removal of excessive paint, scale, rust or corrosion by Gull Industries, Inc./Armoloy of Texas, Inc. may entail additional costs.

Because surface dimension is not significantly increased by coating (standard deposits are .0001/.0003″). Armoloy, Gullite, or other Thin Dense Chrome will not fill scratches, pits and dents but rather conform to them.

Removal of normal oil and grease prior to coating is a standard procedure.

6.2. Part Submission: Customer should submit parts to be processed accompanied by instructions indicating those surfaces requiring plating or coating. Masking of individual details is available. Basis material and hardness of the part should be specified.

All parts to be shipped to Gull Industries, Inc./Armoloy of Texas, Inc. should be properly packaged to prevent damage and corrosion. Containers adequate to obtain maximum protection during shipping should be used.

6.3. Range of Manufacturing Metals:

All Ferrous Metals:

Tool Steels (1018, 4140, D-2, A-2, H-13, S-7, etc.)
Cold Roll/Hot Roll
Bearing Steels (52100, 8620, etc.)
Alloy-enhanced Steels
High Carbon/Low Carbon Steels
Cast Iron
Most Non-Ferrous Metals:

All Stainless Steels (300 and 400 Series, Inconel, 14-4, 15-5, NAK 55, etc.)
Copper and Copper Alloys
6.4. Documentation

6.4.1. Request for Quotation: Inquiries or quotation requests by customer for plating and other coating /surface preparation orders may be received either by mail, fax, telephone, or any other suitable means either by the Outside Salesperson or Estimating and Insides Sales Manager (jointly referred to as “salesperson”).

All requests for quotation and purchase orders submitted by the customer are requested to contain the following information:

Coating or plating process desired.
Drawings and specifications.
Contact Information
Quantity of parts
Desired turn-around/ship dates
Date of Request
Shipping method

6.4.2. Turn-Around Schedule: Customers will be notified in the confirma-tion of order of the expected delivery date. All attempts will be made to meet or exceed the ship date on the customers purchase order. Standard Turnaround Schedule: Armoloy of Texas, Inc. and Gull Industries, Inc. offers a standard turn around of four (4) to six (6) working days. Expedited Turnaround Schedule: In order to meet customer’s production schedules, Gull Industries, Inc. and Armoloy of Texas, Inc. offers the following expedited production. One (1) day turn: A one day turn is available for double the order value. Two to three production days turn is available for 50% of the order value.

6.4.3. Quotation: Customer will promptly receive a quotation from the sales-person.

Any discrepancy greater than $10.00 from the original requirements of the order, identified during preparation of quotation, shall be resolved with the customer. After resolving discrepancies, if it is determined that Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas has the capability to meet customer requirements; the concerned salesperson shall revise the quotation.

6.4.4. Minimum Order Fees: There is a minimum order fee of $250.00. This is due to minimum cost to process, clean and utilize equipment. Pricing is based upon full utilization of tools and equipment for optimum efficiency. Orders below $250.00 do not take advantage of our capabilities to produce multiple parts in a standard run and time utilization but incur the same cost. We strongly urge our customers to take advantage of this capability.

6.4.5. Purchase Order: Customer may accept the quotation by issuing a Purchase Order with the agreed terms.

6.4.6. Verbal Purchase Orders may be accepted with the following informa-tion. Customer representative’s name, telephone and fax numbers (in case of a new customer), date, quantity, delivery date, price, and P.O. Number, if available. The concerned salesperson’s initials and date will verify that the order requirements have been reviewed, understood, and approved by the customer. Confirmation, in the form of a sales order, will be sent to the customer via email, fax or regular mail.

If the customer holding a current account does not offer a P.O. number, the word “verbalâ€� and the customer’s representative’s full name shall be written on the sales order. For a new customer, the order may be processed but shall not be shipped without a P.O. number unless it is COD.

6.4.7. Order review: Customer orders received by telephone, fax, mail, or any other suitable means shall be compared with Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas quotation for accuracy and completeness such as customer purchase order number, description, unit/ total price, delivery date, payment terms, mode of shipping, shipping address etc by the salesperson.

If customer is requesting a specific delivery date for the order, then (if required) the person taking the order shall coordinate, after checking the inventory and the present order load, to ensure that Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas has the capability and capacity to meet the customer’s requirements and advise the customer of revised delivery schedule in writing, in case the delay is observed or expected.

Any discrepancy with respect to price for an urgent shipment or delivery schedule or plating process complexity identified during such review shall be resolved with customer and documented in a revised quote and customer purchase order.

6.5. Delivery to Gull Industries, Inc./Armoloy of Texas, Inc. and receipt of customer product: Customer should clearly label parts with company name and Customer PO number either though shipping documents or purchase order identification.

Identification and Traceability Procedure (P7.5.3B), Customer Property Pro-cedure (P7.5.4B) and Preservation of Product Procedure (P7.5.5A) will be implemented.

6.6. Notification of Completion of Order: Your Salesman or management delegated representative will notify you of completion of order.

6.7. Shipping: Your order will be delivered by method specified in your purchase order. A Gull Industries, Inc./Armoloy of Texas, Inc. shipping document and Certifications of Compliance will accompany your order.

6.8. Certifications: Certificates of Quality and Compliance (form # F8.2.4.4) will be issued by the Quality Dept. for each order after passing final quality inspection. Certifications of Compliance and Quality will accompany your order. These Certifications may be faxed or emailed to the customer.

6.9. Communications with customers: Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas communicate to existing and prospective customers about their plating/coatings/other surface preparation capabilities through the company website, brochures, trade shows, and cold calls.

6.9.1. Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas convey for a specific order the scope of plating/coating/surface preparation processes per applicable standard through the quotation, inquiries, tenders, etc.

6.9.2. Gull Industries and Armoloy of Texas receive pro-active feedback from customers on executed orders though a well laid down customer satis-faction surveys (form # F to asses the perception of customer as to whether Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas has met or exceeded the requirements of customers and thereby earning their loyalty and satisfaction. The feedback will have questions regarding the perception of the customer on the responsiveness, quality of the products, workmanship, delivery, etc.

6.9.3. In case of any deficiency uncovered through the surveys, Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas takes immediate corrective action to correct the reported problem or concern.

6.9.4. In case of a complaint from the customer on an existing order, a complaint form (form # F shall be duly completed to address the complaint without delay and shall ensure that customer is satisfied with the action taken by Gull Industries/Armoloy of Texas. This form may be requested from your salesperson.

6.10. Maintaining Record

6.10.1. The copies of sales order shall be maintained either electronically or on hard copies for a specified duration. The corresponding copy of the job card shall be preserved at the designated location.

6.10.2 Certificates of Quality and Compliance (form # F8.2.4.4) will be is-sued by the Quality Dept. for each order after passing final quality in-spection.


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